Science to go – recommended Podcasts

Recently we wrote an article for scientists about using Twitter. It´s a good tool to talk about your ideas, dreams, successes and failure. But there is another nice thing for science and science communication. Podcasts! You are commuting to and from work and have a smartphone in your pocket? Grab an App like Pocket Casts, BeyondPod or Antenna Pod and start subscribing different podcasts. Here we have some nice examples:

  1. Star Talk Radio: The astronomer Neil deGrasse Tyson talks to different guests about the life, universe and everything in his podcast.
  2. The naked scientists: Probably one of the oldest science podcasts, established in the year 2000, run by the Cambridge University
  3. Probably Science: Science can be devastating – or really funny. Listen to four american comedians talking about science.
  4. Science Podcast: A podcast straight from the famous Science magazine. It is about web and print articles.
  5. Nature Podcast: Weekly audio show made by the nature magazine.
  6. Science weekly: That´s a (you guessed right) weekly podcast from the British Guardian magazine.
  7. Brain Science Podcast: Take another guess what this show is about? You´re probably right, it is about the brain and its function.
  8. 60 second science: A nice and short show made by the Scientific American. New every weekday.
  9. Professor Blastoff: Another podcast hosted by comedians. Not always professional science, but with smart and interested hosts. Nice and calm, perfect for longer roadtrips.

Wanna find more podcasts?

Here is a list with mainlay German podcasts:

Empfohlene Podcasts der Helmholtz-Gesellschaft

And another list for english speaking audiences:

Best Science Podcasts – PopSci

Anything missing, any podcast we need to know about? Send us a message and let us know.