How low can you go? Bootstrapping team management software

How do you feel about switching from a software you have been using for a long time to a new one? I noticed that a lot of people are too scared or too lazy to switch the software or apps they’re using, be it in private or professional life. I’m not. I actually love to try out new software.

new software should be good, right?!

Together with my small team I run a media agency for science communication (mediomix) and I’m in charge of project management and team communication. I use to change the way we communicate and manage projects a lot, just because I realize that a software/app we’re using is not perfect or an older one has a new feature and I would like to try it again. I guess it drives my coworkers crazy at some point but I just like to optimize our workflows.

Recently, we switched to the Google G Suite (4€/member/month) for emailing, file storage and all the other stuff G Suite is offering. That means for example we went away from dropbox and our own email client to google drive and gmail. It’s really great and cheap, offline use is great and I’m typing this blog on a chromebook — do I need to say more?

Fist bump for G Suite

For project management we switched from MeisterTask to Asana (free version). The biggest issue was that I needed to see instantly, which team member is working on what projects. Easy with Asana. Team communication is still on Slack (free version), Quick task management on todoist (premium, 2.5€/month).

That means we get project management, communication and file storage done for about 15€/month (3 team members). Sensible files are encrypted on google drive via boxcryptor (free version).

What do you think guys? Can you go lower? Any other good recommendations?

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