Learn Filmmaking at your Favorite Museum

November 25, 2016 Uncategorized 0 Comments

Kids today are more and more familiar with YouTube, videos, and smartphones. We are all starting to see the world more and more in video form.

Just as literacy is a key goal in education, visual literacy is growing.

Teaching children to think in the medium of film as a form of communication is a great skill. It is both a creative outlet and a way to share experiences. It is a way to pass on information. It may even be a way to change the world.

If your child isn’t already making videos for a personal YouTube channel, or to complete school projects, or even if they are, and just want another experience, a day-long filmmaking class might be a great idea.

Even better if the course is in a terrific place full of interesting things to film.


What about your favourite museum?

There are plenty of awe-inspiring images in a great museum and making a film is a super way to bottle up those memories and share them with family, friends and the wider world.

Here is a film by Valentin and Tom, two of the students who wanted to explain from their perspective, why sharks are cool.

The Senckenberg museum in Frankfurt (Germany) hired mediomix to run a day long course in the museum aimed at promoting visual literacy by teaching the art of short-film creation.  The kids all came with their own equipment: the films were made with smartphones.

As the group toured the museum, they snapped shots and filmed sequences that fit into their storyboards. Before the tour, they were taught the basic formalities of filmmaking. Their training including learning the basics of storytelling, scripting a storyboard, and options of filming different scenes that would fit together well.  After the filming session, they learned how to edit and produce the final cut of their material.  Formatting of the final products and uploading to the internet was all in student hands.

These 12 children from around the Frankfurt area got amazing results just with smartphones and a bit of knowledge and encouragement.

What a brilliant way to learn some science while picking up a valuable life skill.

Feel free to get in touch with mediomix to explore hosting a similar course about short-filmmaking at your favourite location or institution.