#kokowi16 – von Social Web Impact-Faktoren bis Kaninchen in der DDR

März 16, 2016 0 Kommentare

Schön war’s gestern hier im Clusterhaus in Köln, als sich 13 Gleichgesinnte zum Thema Kölner Kommunizieren Wissenschaft (#kokowi16) und Social Web trafen. Für alle die dabei.

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Science communication in the digital age

Oktober 12, 2015 0 Kommentare

Why? Independent of looking at a student of life sciences, a researcher, coordinator, journalist or someone involved in public relations, the reasons why all these.

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Science to go – recommended Podcasts

September 2, 2015 0 Kommentare

Recently we wrote an article for scientists about using Twitter. It´s a good tool to talk about your ideas, dreams, successes and failure. But there.

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Why Twitter is worth a look for scientists

Mai 18, 2015 0 Kommentare

Why you should consider Twitter as a scientist. Twitter. That´s this weird social-media thing with Justin Bieber’s breakfast and big butts, isn´t it? That´s right.

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Happy Scientific Image Processing

Februar 20, 2015 0 Kommentare

25 years of Photoshop: Scientists, watch your data images! While celebrating 25 years of Photoshop, we send out a reminder to all the scientists who want to make the.

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