Do you want to communicate your science to your colleagues and the public more efficiently?

Do you want to make your lab visible and attract more applicants?

Are you a Grad student, PhD or a Post-doc looking to enhance and embolden your scientific soft skills?
We are scientists with PhD's from various fields of life sciences - and we are media experts too! We can communicate on eye level, know your needs and look forward to work with you on your ideas. Try us, we understand you!

modern media for your science communication

this is how we do it.

We explain

you all you need to know to decide, which media solutions are best suited for you. Together we discuss these solutions and choose a proper approach for your outreach.

We provide

modern tools and techniques to make your science communication effective. We either create this content ourselves or train you in modern media software tools so you can take things into your own hands.

We keep in touch

and would be happy to join you on your way towards a more effective science communication.


we are glad that you like us!

Michael Rasche

Michael Rasche


"Perfect partner"
"With mediomix we found a perfect partner to meet our expectations in terms of quality of work, originality of ideas and full-service support. Looking forward to future projects!"
Dr. Florian Hauer

Dr. Florian Hauer


"Great results delivered fast"
"When doing an animated trailer for our electronic lab notebook, we realized how much time and nerves it can save to work with a team of media experts with a professional background in science. Great results delivered fast at a competitive rate - that´s how it should always be."
Prof. Carien Niessen

Prof. Carien Niessen

CECAD Cologne

"Very pleasant to work with"
"It was very pleasant to work with mediomix in the development of our website. A big advantage is that they have background in science and thus understand very well what this website should communicate, thus resulting in an excellent endproduct with which we are fully satisfied