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We are researchers from different fields of life science. That’s why we understand you and your work without using a dictionary.

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We use modern digital media to empower your research and communicate your science.

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We are your scientific partner with media expertise and we find the best solution possible for you.

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Standing out is the key. Our skills in science communication will help you to spread your message, become visible and stay present.

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Michael Rasche

Michael Rasche


"Perfect partner"
"With mediomix we found a perfect partner to meet our expectations in terms of quality of work, originality of ideas and full-service support. Looking forward to future projects!"
Dr. Florian Hauer

Dr. Florian Hauer


"Great results delivered fast"
"When doing an animated trailer for our electronic lab notebook, we realized how much time and nerves it can save to work with a team of media experts with a professional background in science. Great results delivered fast at a competitive rate - that´s how it should always be."
Prof. Carien Niessen

Prof. Carien Niessen

CECAD Cologne

"Very pleasant to work with"
"It was very pleasant to work with mediomix in the development of our website. A big advantage is that they have background in science and thus understand very well what this website should communicate, thus resulting in an excellent endproduct with which we are fully satisfied

about us

Mathis Horlacher
Project Management | CEO
There is so much to see - As a marketer, a traveller and a curious character I look open-minded into the world. There are so many things to explore and discover. And many great things sadly stay hidden for too long. And that’s exactly where I want to support you. Make your maybe world-changing product, invention or service receive the attention it deserves. Since I always have been working for and within start-ups, I found my passion at mediomix. A great team that is eager to be challenged and to show its and science best.
Dr. Tina Koch
Creative Director | CEO
As a life science researcher with a background in media creation, I can combine doing what I love – science and design. Creativity is natural, but creating creative solutions for science communication is a huge challenge. I am a graphic designer and have a PhD in biology, which is not only a rare qualification but also enables me to find creative solutions to your science communication.
Dr. Dennis Fink
As a marine scientist and science communicator, I want to make sure that scientists are able to communicate their research in the most effective way. I co-founded mediomix with a small team of passionate scientists and designers and we got the right tools to help you in your scientific outreach.
Derek Handley
My goal is to create a deeper understanding of communication. This skill helps scientists to reach their audience, whether they are communicating with the general public, fellow experts, grant committees or reporters.
Dr. Anncharlott Berglar
Illustratorin | Trainer
I am a biologist and I therefore love the natural sciences. I also love visual creativity. During my PhD I started to combine both of these passions: I started to work in the field of scientific visual communication between scientists and scientists or between scientists and the world. My goal is to communicate your research comprehensively and accurately to the target group you desire.


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