2 Tips for your Social Media Marketing

Juli 30, 2014 Business 0 Kommentare

The web is flooded with an incredible amount of new content in every second. If you would just go ahead and share your own content to the whole web, it would get lost. Therefore, you have to identify your target group first and come up with a strategy how to get in contact with them. These are some hints on how you can access your community.

1.Reach out to influencers

If you are an average internet user, your social media impact is quite low. You can use the klout to identify, what your impact is, that means, how many people you reach in the internet. Klout analyses all your social media channels and gives you a number that ranges from 0 – 100. Barack Obama has the highest score on the planet (99), which means that he reaches most people if he shares content (e.g. on Facebook or Twitter). You can use klout to monitor your own impact but you can do more: You can find people who already have a high impact in your field of interest (just search for your keyword, e.g. biotech). Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 15.11.42

Another tool to search for people who have a high impact in your field is the platform eBuzzing. They give you a list of the worlds best blogs structured by topic. This means, you can identify who is writing the best blogs in your field of interest.

These examples can help you to access your community, because they are already in contact with them. So one strategy is to reach out to these influencers and convince them to blog about your company/products, etc…


2.Good marketing does not need much money

A small company in Utah makes high performing blenders. But blenders are sold at any street corner, so how do you advertise your product without spending a lot of money for the outreach? They had a ridiculously small budget (50$) and still they managed to create a more than impressive outreach. How? With a viral video youtube channel with the title: Will it blend?

In these short episodes, Tom Dickson (CEO) sticks objects into a blender that do not belong there, preferably expensive toys like tablets and smartphones. Then, he pushes the button and the blender turns the object into dust. Over 7 million people have watched the blender pulverize an iPhone (210,000 people logged on to eBay to view the leftovers of a blended iPhone). Traffic to the company’s website has increased by 650% since the introduction of the videos, while Blendtec’s online sales have increased five-fold.

So the lesson to learn is: The better your idea is, why people should look at your content (e.g. watch your video), the less money you have to invest for the outreach, because the content will distribute itself.